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The Virgin Spring (Swedish: Jungfrukällan) is a 1960 Swedish film coordinated by Ingmar Bergman. Set in medieval Sweden, it is a vengeance story around a father’s pitiless reaction to the assault and homicide of his young girl. The Virgin Spring recounts the story, set in medieval Sweden, of a prosperous Christian whose little girl, Karin (Birgitta Pettersson), is named to take candles to the congregation. Karin is joined by her pregnant worker Ingeri (Gunnel Lindblom), who subtly reveres the Norse god Odin. Along their way through the backwoods on horseback, Ingeri gets to be alarmed when they go to a stream-side factory and the two section and Karin sets out naturally.

The Virgin Spring Movie 720P HD Free Download

Ingeri experiences an one-peered toward man at the stream-side plant. At the point when Ingeri gets some information about his name he cryptically reacts he has none “in nowadays”. The man tells Ingeri that he can see and hear things others can not. At the point when the man makes lewd gestures towards her and guarantees her energy, Ingeri escapes in dread. In the mean time, Karin meets three herders (two men and a kid) and welcomes them to have her lunch with her. In the long run, the two more established men assault and homicide Karin while Ingeri watches, covered up, from a separation. The two more established men then leave the scene with Karin’s apparel. The more youthful (a kid) is left with the body and to watch the goats, however he takes the circumstance inadequately and rapidly gets to be wiped out with blame

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The Virgin Spring Movie 720P HD Free Download

The Virgin Spring Movie 720P HD Free Download

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