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    Snowpiercer (Korean: ????; Chinese Character: ????; RR: Seolgungnyeolcha) is a 2013 South Korean sci-fi activity film in view of the French realistic novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rochette.[3]In 2014, an endeavor to balance an Earth-wide temperature boost through atmosphere building calamitously reverse discharges, bringing about an ice age so serious that almost all life on Earth is murdered. The main survivors are the occupants of the Snowpiercer, a huge train controlled by a ceaseless movement motor that ventures a globe-traversing track, made by the transportation head honcho Wilford.

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    The elites occupy the indulgent front train autos and the poor possess the tail in foul conditions under watch by Wilford’s guards.In 2032, Curtis Everett is guided by his tutor Gilliam to lead the tail travelers in rebellion amid the conveyance of protein squares. Grabbing the last couple of autos, Curtis and his men free detainee Namgoong Minsu, who made the train’s security framework, and his extrasensory girl Yona. Curtis offers them Kronole, a medication they are both dependent on, in return for their assistance. The gathering is met amidst the train by security gatekeepers drove by Minister Mason. They take part in fight and both sides endure losses. Curtis is compelled to give up his second-in-charge, Edgar, to end the battle. Bricklayer consents to lead Curtis, Namgoong, Yona, and a few associates th

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    • Movie Name    :      Snowpiercer (2013)
    • Movie Size       :     964 MB
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    • Movie Type      :     Action, Drama

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Snowpiercer Full Movie HD Fee Download

Snowpiercer Full Movie 720p HD Free Download


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