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    Rob B Hood is a 2006 Hong Kong activity comic drama film composed, created and coordinated by Benny Chan, and featuring Jackie Chan, Louis Koo, Yuen Biao and Michael Hui. The film starts indicating Thongs and Octopus sidestepping security protects in a healing center, having stolen cash and growth solution from the safe. In the interim, an infant to the well off Lee family is grabbed by Max, the mother’s ex, provoking the security watchmen give pursue, overlooking the criminals, and corner Max on an elevator. Taking after a brutal battle, Max and the infant fall over the side—the infant is gotten by Thongs, while Max plunges to his passing. While the watchmen are occupied, Thongs and Octopus leave in the Landlord’s minivan.

    Rob B Hood 2006 Movie 720p HD Free Download

    A couple of months after the fact, the Landlord discovers his level burgled, his life funds gone. He gets a telephone call from his agent Uncle Seven, offering him work to hijack infant Lee for the benefit of a triad manager, who guarantees the infant is his grandson. Lured by the HK$7 million prize, Thongs and Octopus acknowledge the occupation without knowing its goals, discovering when the Landlord has fled the Lees’ chateau with the child. Nauseated by seizing a child, Thongs debilitates to return him, however yields after the Landlord lets him know of his problem. In transit to their meeting point in Sai Kung, the trio experience a police barricade which the Landlord endeavors to beat, just to crash his van down a slope. As the police close in on them, the stuck Landlord trains Thongs and Octopus to leave with the infant. While in authority for rash driving, the Landlord learns of the child’s quality through the news. He telephones Thongs, educating him not to hand the child over to anybody before his discharge so he can raise the cost.

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      • Movie Name    :     Rob B Hood (2006)
      • Movie Size       :     795 MB
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      • Movie Type      :     Action, Comedy, Drama

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Rob B Hood 2006 Movie 720p HD Free Download

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Rob B Hood 2006 Movie 720p HD Free Download

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